Wedding Car Decoration in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

Wedding Car Decoration in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

The car decoration is considered to be an important factor in the South Asian weddings. Even in the west now migrated families like to see the car decorated in traditional ways. Keeping similarities with the fast life style, most of the grooms today prefer decorated car to go to marry his bride, than the decorated horse as was the tradition in the early days.

More and more modern grooms are accepting the beautiful idea of decorating the wedding car. Going in the car/limo is a comfortable as well as luxurious. After the marriage both the bride and the groom returns to their house in the decorated car with sign “ JUST MARRIED”

Car decoration in the south Asian weddings adds special touch to the wedding vehicle. In Indian weddings it is a very common thing that the groom comes in a decorated car pioneering the BARATI.

The wedding car can be decorated in diverse innovative ways. Professionals at OMNI FLOWERS in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto area can do the wedding car décor job in a traditional yet safe and modern way using the fresh cut flowers.

Different types of flowers and arrangements can be used for the car decoration depending on the car color and model. Red Roses, Carnations and bright color flowers are mostly preferred because this makes the wedding car look attractive and bright. Professionals at Omni flowers in Brampton will make the car decoration very special, in order to make the wedding ceremony memorable for times to come. More pictures please visit For prices and packages please call 905 451 2828.

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  1. very well written article

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    I love all your decoretion. I want you should be sending designs. Thanks

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