Garland, Jaimala, Varmala…..A Tradition to enjoy

Exchanging Varmala is the sign that makes the beginning of an Indian marriage. Wedding Garlands are exchanged between one another and is a traditional way to welcome guests. OMNI FLOWERS is making garland in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton 2007.  Garlands can be made with all carnations, roses or combination of roses and carnation. Please visit to see samples and pricing. Call us at 905 451 2828 to discuss your special requirements.

In Indian weddings… Var Mala ceremony is an important main ceremony. It is also known as Jaimala and basically involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Like all other customs and rituals, this is also a significant ceremony which finds reference even in the Vedic literature. It is an ancient practice and is still observed . The var mala ceremony takes place after the groom reaches the venue for the wedding, along with the baraat.

Once he arrives there, the mother of the bride welcomes him on the doorstep with a pooja thali. She applies tilak and performs aarti to bless him and to ward off any evil. After this the groom proceeds towards the main stage, where he awaits the arrival of the bride. After a while, the bride reaches the spot with a garland in her hands. Seeing this, the groom also stands and is given a garland. All the close relatives, friends and family members flock around the couple, for the ceremony.

The Jaimala ceremony begins with the bride trying to put garland around the neck of the groom. This is prevented by groom’s friends, in order to tease the bride. To enable the bride perform the ritual, the associates on her side help her to do the same. This is one of the most awaited moments of the wedding as everyone enjoys the tussle between the two parties as well as the new couple. Finally, the groom also puts the garland around bride’s neck. This ceremony indicates that the bride has accepted the groom as her loving husband.

OMNI FLOWERS…A BRAMPTON FLORIST will help you celebrate this tradition with very traditional Jaimala custom design for you…to celebrate your day with tradition. Usually the Groom garland is bigger than the bride, hence should be held vice versa.

Omni Flowers….A known Indian Florist in Greater Toronto Area…..specialized in Indian Garland and design it keeping your requriments and needs in mind.  Omni Flower also make regular garland for all other occasions.  Omni Flowers, Brampton Florist also make Gazaras, Seharas, Mala and full floral  jewellery set for  traditional events.

With Omni Flower…a florist in Brampton….you can order the Garlands on phone and get them deliver to your door step.  Please order the Garlands in advance so that we can open the flowers and make a good arrangement for you. All order has to be pre booked and pre paid.
Please visit our web site or call 905 451 2828 for more details or prices.

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